API error responses should contain details to facilitate troubleshooting. However, the following table contains general guidance by error response code.

401 Unauthorized

The access token is invalid or expired. A new, valid token can be generated via the auth token endpoint. See Getting a Token.

403 Forbidden

The API credentials do not have permission to perform the requested operation or access the requested data. Check the API client role permissions.

404 Not found

This error usually happens because of an invalid URL. An endpoint name typo or invalid UUID combination are common causes. For example, using a task UUID that does not match a given group UUID results in a 404.

Insufficient permissions can also result in a 404 but more often result in a 403 Forbidden response.

Check for UUID mismatches and role permissions.

422 Unprocessable Entity

There are numerous causes of 422 responses. The response should contain a specific message to help with debugging. For example, if a query parameter value is outside the valid range, the message should contain details.

429 Too Many Requests

Rate limit exceeded. Wait a few seconds and retry the request.


The API server experienced an anomaly. Please contact Pattern Health support.